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Hi Herman how are you? I want to thank you again for your review of my serve from last week. I did try the exercises you suggested. I mainly have been focused on getting rid of the “up together” situation. I had never heard this critique before. I am working on keeping the racquet and shoulder lower during my first move/take back. I can see how it adds a lot more potential for acceleration. I noticed when I tried to do this that I naturally began to “lean back” during my first move. It ended up feeling pretty good and my serve has somehow been much better recently. I still think my takeback looks really ugly overall. I seem to end up a leaning to the right at the end a little bit less at the end which I’m happy with. I attached a video of myself serving without the ball as well. For whatever reason my serve always looks so much better when I do it without the toss/ball (although my arm did go too high too soon during that particular swing). I think there is that stuttering timing mechanism that I do after I toss the ball that looks really bad. I actually don’t even realize that I’m doing it. Very open to whatever you think I should try from here. Thanks!!!!

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