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Hello and thank you for your reply to my review. I love this program as whole: Jeff’s program with your coaching, and customer support by Jasmin, she is extremely helpful also. I can imagine you do coaching. Right now, I have been learning a lot from tennis evolution and I have more I can learn with this program and TE (or you!) has been keeping me busy! So I do not think I can do any more lessons now. Also I do not belong to any tennis club and I play mostly outdoor. It’s getting little chilly and I probably would slow down with tennis practice little in winter time when it’s cold. In winter time, if it’s warm enough, I hit ground strokes, but I do not practice serves as much since I do not move as vigorously with serve practice as hitting ground stroke and I cannot warm up my body with serve practice.

But I will keep that in mind and I will check with you about your lesson in the future! You already know enough about my tennis style/level so it is easier for you to work with me. Thank you for letting me know.