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Hello coach Herman,

1) i started to be able to serve without moving Blackfoot most of the time (90% or so), so I stopped using sandbag.

2) I tried to score serve percentage. my deuce side is often 7/10 to 8/10, and it is decent, but my ad side is low and I got 5/10 to 6/10 often earlier. so I am working on improving percentage from ad side. I do not know exactly what makes my deuce side much higher percentage than ad side, but I may slice more from deuce side since I have to hit serve more crosscourt (than inside out like serve from deuce side?). I also watched video of delaying and keeping head looking to the ball at contact so I am working on this.

3) Thank you for compliment that I do good slice serve, but I have been trying to hit flat serve. But for some reasons, it has been hard to do pronation to hit flat serve and I have not been able to do pronation part of flat serve. I think my arm/wrist naturally do slice motion. I meant to do flat serve. it may be little easier for me to learn kick serve than flat serve if kick serve does not require pronation.

Please see attached video and let me know anything you notice.

Thank you so much

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