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Thanks for the feedback. In this serve I was trying to do the slice, rather than a kick serve. I’ll send you video of the kick serve later this week and that will look a bit different. You’ll probably recommend the same drills as I certainly struggle with the kick serve more than any other serve.

On the back foot, I was playing around with that given a video I watched from Mark Kovacs who suggested that as a way to make it easier to coil. I don’t really need to do it and am more comfortable having the feet parallel to the baseline. It’s easier as that’s the way I’ve always done it. If I find the video I’ll send it on to you so that you can understand what he’s saying. Nevertheless, I’ll go back to parallel.

On platform stance – I’ll stick with it. It’s kind of weird, sometimes I’ll move that right foot (probably because I did that a long time ago), but my preference is definitely platform so I’ll focus on that.

On the loading of that back leg, I’m thinking that’s a big deal and probably a significant change as I will need to change the sequence of my serve to load that back leg when I’m earlier. Do you have any suggestions or drills for this?

Thanks, looking forward to your feedback.

P.S. This discussion part of the website is really clunky. CoachNow has some features that make this easier to use. Just a suggestion.