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Hi Herman

I hope that you are well and thank you for your kind words, thoughts and feedback as always. I am not sure if I should reply on here or on the loom. So I will put it here.

I am absolutely certain that I am making mistakes and that I could do things more efficiently. Everyday is a school day and we are all learning all of the time. I have learnt a lot from you, Alan and of course Jeff’s videos. I really appreciate the direction that you give Frank and I, which helps him listen to me as he knows that I am following what others are saying and also the quality of the training and feedback I am giving him is greatly improved.

At the moment when I am with Frank I am either copying the drills your prescribe or what I see in training or what Alan suggests or areas that I see Frank needs to improve / practice from one match/tournament to the next. We have spent a lot of time on approaching the net and taking the ball out of the air. I don’t have a plan written down for Frank, other than his weekly programme and tournament schedule. Frank has been invited to national and regional squad sessions run by the federation. These sessions include strength and conditioning training. The Monday sessions started this week and the Thursday sessions start in October. A Microsoft Teams group has been set up which at the moment has Franks weekly programme, competition schedule and his tournament match count for this calendar year. Are you ok if I put your analysis, drills and fitness programmes on there? Do you want to be invited into the channel?

Last time we discussed the 1:2:1 individual VIP coaching programmes the costs were prohibitive. Please can you confirm the costs for this coaching if we did it once or twice per month?