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Hi Herman

I hope that you are well and thank very much for your feedback which is much appreciated as always!

We will keep working on the early racket drop drills. I have two questions. Frank actually struggles with step one that Jeff shows in the early racket drop drills – the one where he squeezes the glutes / tilts the pelvis. Please could you explain that one for us?

Second question comes after watching the 3 serve series videos that Jeff has recently released. My question is about the stance and the back foot. I always thought that it should be parallel to the baseline like you said, but Jeff revealed a little secret to help people with physical limitations to help them coil and load by turning the back foot out slightly – pointing a little bit diagonally backwards. He does an analysis and has a testimony from Strong(?) an ATP Pro, who actually turns the foot out more than Jeff would like. When Frank turns the back foot out slightly I think it helps him and reduces the amount the right knee collapses and possibly helps him coil a tiny bit more. Please can you tell me if this is something Frank should continue to try or keep the back foot parallel to the baseline? Either way the longer term solution is to work on his physical development.

Thanks again for your support