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Hi Herman

Sorry I should have added, as well as knowing to move forward, he also knows where to position himself when he does move forward to the net, re whether he goes cross or down the line, he knows if he hits cross he is opening up a passing shot down the line, and has further to run to get to his net position, but ways that up around the opponents court position and also whether he is hitting to their strength or weakness. He is actually quite good in matches at hitting the short ball on the backhand side down the line, where most people might expect it to go cross to the weakness for most right handed players.

I am sure my instruction is far from perfect and equally his decision making, movement and position is not perfect as well. You might see that in some of the subsequent videos albeit a bit fake because my feeding position was fairly straight, I did move to the side he hit the first shot on some feeds! So happy to hear it all from you in the next bits of feedback and analysis.