Fitness Workouts - Shadow Strokes Workout

Shadow Stroke Workout

Workout 2-28-13

Workout 10-11-12

Approach To Volley 3-28-13

Explosive Overheads

On The Run Movement

Serve And Volley

Backhand Return To Running Forehand

Forehand Square Up To Backhand Defensive Open Stance

Lateral Movement

Outside Hop Forehand Deep To Back To Front Deep Backhand

Running Forehand

Approach To Volley

Buggy Whip Switch To Lift And Land

Jump Thru Volley To Lift And Land Overhead

Open Stance Forehand To Step In Slice Backhand

Back To Front To Running Forehand

Jump Thru Volley To Overhead

Workout 12-12-13

Switch To Square Up Forehand

Approach To Volley 06-06-13

Inside Out To Inside In Forehand