Fitness Workouts - 1 Exercise Interval

Ball Horizontal Drill

Ball Horizontal Drill With Coach

Burpee Stactic Hold Workout

Dumbell Swing

Full Body Extensions

Hindu Squats- 5 Minutes

Hindu Squats To Open Stance Footwork

Horse Stance

Ice Skaters To Ball Slams

Isometric Hold Lunge Position

Prisoner Lunges- 5 Minutes

Prisoner Speed Squats

Prisoner Squats- 5 Minutes

Adductors and IT Bands

Holding The Finish

Multiple Workouts

Fitness Exercise To Get Your Legs Strong For Tennis Bulgarian Squat

Burpees- 5 Minutes

Run Thru To Switch

Burpee Spiderman Push Up Combo

How To Prevent Knee Pain With This Exercise

How To Gain And Edge A Fitness Edge In Your Tennis

The Glute Bridge Exercise

The Pallof Press For Tennis

Prisoner Squats

Interval Birddogs