Technique & Footwork Drills

Racquet Work

Ball Forward Drill
Point The Racquet Drill
Racquet Face Down And Closed
Separate The Hands Drills
Hold The Ball Drill
Fence Drill
Water Bottle Drill
Armpit Drill
Racquet Tip Up Drill
Strings Facing Back Fence Drill
Hit Bottom Outside Of Ball Drill

Off Arm And Hand

Straight Arm Drill
Slightly Relaxed Off Arm Drill
Wrist Neutral Drill
Fingers Spread Drill


Head At Contact Drill
Feel The Side Drill
Relaxed Arms Drill
Shoulders Tilted On Lower Balls Drill


Catch And Move Drill
Finish High On Edge Drill
Finish High With Strings Turned Up Drill
Finish With Full Hand Turn Drill
Finish WIth The Racquet Face Flat Drill
Open The Fingers Drill
Take The Hand Off Racquet Drill
Catch On The Throat With Fingers Drill
Lend Drill


Tap The Back Foot Drill
Facing The Net More Drill
Step In And Square Up Drill
Wide Base, Horse Stance
Step Shuffle Hit Drill
Lead With The Correct Foot Drill

Ball Tossing Drill


Step In Variations
Square Up Variations
Carioca Variations
Back To Front Variations


Open Stance Lateral
Outside Hop Lateral
Running Forehand
Running Forehand Extreme
Run Around Variations


Move Back To Step In
Drop Step Switch Defensive
Drop Step Crossover Switch Variations
Open Stance Defensive