Deluxe Upgrade
"Salzy" Serve Drills

Grip And Swing Path 

Smart Right Grip Trainer
Hitting on Edge
Ball Over Fence
Continental Plus Swing Path
Changing Technique Using Fence

Swing Path / Technique 

Serve Into The Fence
Serve And Miss the Ball
Trophy Position Hold


Continuous Serves
A Walking Serve

Topspin Serve

Dirty Diaper Progression – ½ Serve Choked Up
Dirty Diaper Progression – Regular Grip
Tap The Head
The Side Leg Kick
Topspin Kick Serve Drills


Belly Button Finish
Same Side Finish
Catch The Racquet
Hand Curl Finish


Djokovic Hold
Stepping In For Balance
Serve Footwork Recovery


Get Over The Line
Where To Land

Flat / Pronation

Flat Serve Level 1 Progression (1/2 Serve)
Flat Serve Level 2 Progression (Full Serve)


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