Week 3


Effortless Forehand Power

 Relax and Open Your Fingers At The Finish

Relaxation is a key component to mastering the game of tennis, yet most players and coaches overlook its critical importance to being successful day in and day out. In this week’s video lesson, you will learn how to become more relaxed when you hit your forehand.

The reality is that you probably have too much tension in your hand when you grip the racquet especially when hitting a forehand. This will cause you to tense up during the stroke resulting in less power, less clean hits, and more mistakes.

If you feel this happening, you can try using the unique tip of “catching the racquet” with the opposite hand at the end of the swing. This will allow you to open the fingers on the dominant hand to reduce tension.

This type of relaxation will facilitate more effortless power and control.

This simple tip can work instantly even in match play situations. All you have to do is swing and focus on “catching the racquet” and relaxing the hand off the racquet at the finish.