On Court Lessons

Bigger Kick Serves
Topspin Kick Serve Drills
Elbow The Enemy
How To Add More Power With Your Serve
Kick Serve Masterclass

Body-Serve Connection Exercises

Expanded Breathing
Hip 90-90 With Twist
Seated Trunk Rotation
Belly Lift
Belly Lift Alternating Arms

Serve Load And Coil

Mini Squat Load The Back Leg
Back Leg Push And Jump
Front Hip Hike
Thoracic Rotation and Load
Thoracic Mobility - Foam Roller
Glute Squeeze For Trophy Position

Bionic Shoulder

Bionic Shoulder Routine

Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility Assessment
Ankle Mobility - Calf
Foot Arch Ball Rolling Exercise
Loaded Ankle Mobility Exercise

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