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Hold The Ball

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4.0 Neal

Intro With Neal Stewart

Technique Open Stance Footwork Pattern

Technique Start To Finish Explained

Training Conclusion Of Lesson

Technique Hitting Technique Explained

Technique Holding The Ball Explained

Neal Neal Stewart 9-30-11

Technique Recovery Footwork

Training Big Picture Of How To Train

Technique Hand Turn Explained

Beginner Lesson - Chris

Intro 1: We Have Some Work To Do

Intro 1st Time Out_Pig And A Poke

Intro Tennis 101

Learning Methods Closing The Eyes Explained

Tapping Into The Feeling

Learning Methods Learning Styles 2

Learning Methods Learning Styles

The Swing Brushing Up Against The Net

The Swing Choking Up On The Racquet

The Swing Feel The Weight Shift

The Swing Find The Ball With Your Hand

The Swing Hit The Bottom Corner Of The Ball

The Swing How To Start How To Finish

The Swing Showing And Feeling The Swing

The Swing Swing Pathway While Choked Up

The Swing Tip Of The Racquet Down

The Swing Use Your Hand_Use Different Feet

The Swing Wrist Laid Back

The Finish Is The Most Important

The Finish Is The Key

The Finish Why Hold The Finish

15 Minutes Forehand