Bonus Serve Lessons

Bonus Kick Serve Lessons

Bigger Kick - Tennis Con October 2020

Clockwork Consistency Serve Lessons

Targets and Awareness

“Don’t “Just Get It In”
Hit Through The Road
Sampras Spots
Shorter Targets
The Window
Hit The Tape
Aiming For Slice
Aiming For Kick
Make Different Mistakes
Trigger Words
Get More Of The Ball
Serve Positioning
Serve Stance
Sampras Call Out Drill


Narrow Fence: Into The Bubble
Bouncing The Ball

Deadly Serve Problems And How To Fix Them


Grip And Trophy Position And Body Weight


Modify Stance
Narrower Stance And 1st Move

1st Move

1st Move And Close Trophy Position
1st Move And Toss Arm Up
Bend Arm And Shoulder Turn
Fingertip Toss And Bend Arm
Higher Take Back And Bend Back Leg
More Shoulder Turn
Solid Stance 1st Move Racquet Lower

Tossing Arm

Keep Tossing Arm Up And Accelerate
Straighter Tossing Arm And Rhythm

Shoulder Turn

Elbow The Enemy
Targets And Shoulder Turn

Trophy Position

Deadly Serve Bonus Rhythm, Stance, Trophy, Toss
Trophy Position And 1st Move Racquet Face And Ball Position


Bend Knees Sooner And Relaxed Racquet Drop
Continous Swing
Go To The Ball Sooner

Timing Of Jump

Hit At The Peak

Serve Drills

Start: Shadow 1st Move Against Fence
Rhythm: Continuous Swings No Ball
Rhythm: Continuous Swings With Ball
Rhythm: Walking Serve
Trophy: Start To Trophy Against The Fence
Trophy: Modified Bent Arm To Trophy Full Body View
KickServe: Dirty Diaper Tap The Head
Jumping: Shadow Jump Over The Line
Balance: Hop 3X Shadow Stroke
Throw The Ball As Far As Possible