Bonus Lessons

Technique & Strategy

Swinging Up The Fence
Crosscourt vs. Down The Line Differences – Sideview
Crosscourt vs. Down The Line Differences – Backview
Different Pro Styles To Swing The Racquet
The Djokovic Backhand
The Djokovic Backhand vs. The Murray
Pointing Like Nadal
David Ferrer’s Secret To Driving The Ball
Safin Style Backhand
Head At Contact


Moving Wide For The 2 Hand Backhand
The Running Backhand Footwork Pattern
The Jump Around Footwork Pattern
Back To Front
Open Stance
Shuffle Step Hit

Student Lesson

A Lesson With Neil Stewart
A Lesson With PJ Simons
A Lesson With PJ Simons

Case Studies

Backswing And Swing Path
Bottom Hand Grip Change Plus Finish Position
Extension With Straighter Arms
Finish More Upright With A Straighter Front Leg
Point At The Net
Point The Racquet Baseline
Pro Backhand Technique
Racquet Drop Service Line
Spacing With Stance And At Contact


Andy Zodin Interview
John Yandell
Paul Goldstein
Michael Joyce
Brian Vahaly
Joseph O'Dwyer

Student Lesson

Launch Video 1 Lesson: Relaxation
Launch Video 2 Lesson: The Shuffle
Launch Video 3 Lesson: High Backhand