Bonus Lessons


Swing Path Affected By Grip
How To Get More Space
Hold The Ball
Racquet Tip Up
Strings Face The Back Fence
The Closed Backswing
Get The Outside And Bottom Of The Ball
Keep A Bent Arm
How To Fix Mishit Forehands
Catch On Throat
Catch In Front
Catch In Front And Bring It Around
High Finish Differences On Edge Vs. Strings Up
Hand Turn Differences Flat Vs. On Edge
How To Handle Fast Balls
Buggy Whip Finish Explained
Keep Your Head At Contact Like Federer


Split Step Wider
Face The Net
Move With A Wide Base
The Big Stride First Move
Balanced Finish
Horse Stance Wide Base
The Open Stance Shuffle As You Hit
Air Time At Contact
The Agassi Narrow Base
Tap The Toe
Move At An Angle
First Move Run Around Forehand
Get On The Front Foot
Get On Your Front Foot On The Run Around Forehand


Fix Hitting Late
Fix Missing Long
Fix Missing In The Net
How To Hit The Forehand Down The Line Winner