Auto-Fix Strokes

Auto-Fix Kick Serve

Toss: Exaggerated Toss Arcing Parabola

Parallel Feet

More Shoulder Turn

Dirty Diaper Finish

Bend The Elbow And Curl The Hand

Safe, Short Targets

Auto-Fix Slice Serve

Bring The Shoulder Around More

Point The Feet More

Less Shoulder Turn

Curl The Hand On The Finish

Hit The Tape

Safe Targets

Auto-Fix Forehand

Swing Path: The Vertical Swing Path
Finish: Relax The Hand - 2 Finishes
Finish: Finish High And The Wrist Break

Auto-Fix 1 Handed Backhand

Finish: The Straight Arm
Finish: Finish High
Finish: Hold The Finish

Auto-Fix 2 Handed Backhand

Body Position: The Lean Back
Finish: Relax The Hands
Finish: The Lansdorp

Auto-Fix Net Play

Finish: Head To Head
Finish: Hold The Finish
Finish: Stop It

Auto-Fix Drop Shot

Finish: Learn The Finish
Footwork: Move As You Hit